The ONLY Gluten Free Christmas Cookie Recipe You Will Ever Need

An all-in-one allergy friendly cookie that is easy and fun to prepare.   I have used this recipe for years and nobody has ever suspected they’re allergy friendly.  In fact, friends have asked for the recipe and were shocked when I told them they were gluten free and dairy free!  Use this recipe for cut-outs, Linzers, fruit bars, the possibilities are endless!


Did you wake up this morning and think, “oh my gosh, tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I still have to (fill in the blank)”?

I did.  Then I remembered that I  don’t HAVE to do anything.  What I love to do is share my love of baking with my family and friends.  Let this recipe inspire you to do the same without the stress, or last minute holiday frenzy.

Recipe for mind, body, and spirit: 

I was born and raised in the rural town of Provo, Utah.  My fondest memory growing up was the neighborhood tradition of gifting cookies, candies and homemade treats to every neighbor at Christmas.  It was a great time to say hello to the folks you may not otherwise connect with during the rest of the year.  It gave me that sense of peace, harmony, laughter and love that I believe is what Christmas is all about.  Plates of the most delectable homemade gifts would show up at our door from families we had never met.  Suddenly the strangers from across the street became our best friends.  It is truly a marvel how sharing food can bring together a community.

Below is a link to my go-to recipe for an all-in-one gluten free cookie recipe from Living Without Magazine.   I hope it inspires you to continue (or start) a special cookie sharing tradition in your home, neighborhood, or community.

Gluten-Free Classic Shortbread Cookies – Recipes Article.

Warm Wishes and Happiest of Holidays to you and yours.

lv- GFYC