Digest Refresh Elixir

Cure your post holiday digestive woes with this refreshing, tummy healing smoothie!

digest refresh elixir

BBQ’s, beach bonfires and concerts, along with plenty of food and drink are all a part of the traditional Labor Day weekend, followed by the notorious day after energy slump. If you are gluten-free like me it can  also be tough to navigate all of the eating out without accidentally ingesting gluten and throwing your digestion out of whack for days. This recipe was created with that in mind, and will help heal your gluten-free mind, body and soul. It has all the ingredients you need to rehydrate, calm the tummy, and regain essential nutrition to bounce back after a weekend of excess, gluten-free or not.

Recipe for body, mind and spirit:

Melon is full of water and rich in potassium to help with replenishing your body’s vital water stores. Proper hydration is essential for brain function. Both melon and lime contain a good dose of vitamin C for a natural detoxifier. Mint and yogurt work together to help reduce bloat and all of the symptoms of a less than happy digestive track.


1 1/2 cup cold purified water

1 cup honeydew or golden melon (you can also substitute peeled cucumber)

1/4 cup fresh mint leaves and stems (only use stems if your blender can puree them completely)

1/4 cup plain or honey sweetened yogurt

Juice of 1/2 lime plus one round slice of lime with peel on


Place water, melon, mint, yogurt, lime juice and slice of lime into your blender in that order. Start blender on low and slowly increase speed to high. Continue on high until all of the mint has been completely liquified. The smoothie will be thin in consistency, which is much more appealing when you are not feeling well. Garnish with a fresh sprig of mint and a slice of lime. For added digestive support, feel free to nibble on the garnish!

You will feel and look revived and ready for that mid-week hot yoga class with this refreshing and nourishing elixir.


Have your own post holiday remedy or just a good story from your weekend?  I want to know!

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